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iBASIS is the most comprehensive database of Boiler and Spares information for all gas and oil appliances installed throughout the UK, now available to you via the internet. Whether you are a stockist, contractor or engineer, the iBASIS site contains all the information you need.

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Copy Parts – iBASIS recommend Gas Installers/fitters should purchase manufacturers genuine parts as the manufacturer has invested heavily in the development and testing of these items.

Prices updated daily – using our extensive knowledge and contacts in the industry, and the latest in real-time technology, iBASIS is able to ensure that the published price on the web site is as update and as accurate as the information provided to the trade by the manufactures, ensuring that the price you see should be correct.

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iBASIS have a team of skilled people ensuring the most up to date appliance information is uploaded on to the web site as soon as possible after the information is released by the manufacturer. Other systems have many old appliances, but few of the new ones.
With the social housing “Decent Homes” policy taking effect, and the desire of the home owner for greener energy, most of the older appliances are being replaced. Therefore iBASIS priority is to add new appliances as the come available.

Appliance Exploded Views – iBASIS can provide you with very high quality exploded views from which you can easily identify the part you are looking for. Using our database of hundreds of thousands of accurately priced parts, you will know the manufacturers part number, the GC number if available, the description, the trade price, and quite often, a photo of the actual part!

Photos of Parts – iBASIS have provided you with the highest quality photograph of literally thousands of the parts in everyday use, helping to ensure you have located the right part and helping to prevent the costly mistakes for you and your customers of ordering the wrong parts.

Fault finding charts - Wiring Diagrams - Installation Instructions – How often are your engineers on site and the manuals are not available? You can view them on line here at the iBASIS web site.

Part Key Word Search – using our 25 years of experience in the heating industry, iBASIS has created a unique key word search to enable you to find the parts in the language you know, not a manufacturers interpretation of what it is, e.g., “baxi solo pcb (or p.c.b or p c b) and “alpha 240e diaphragm”